Scaredy-Dog: Common Dog Fears

Dog fears can manifest in aggressive dog behavior

Dogs and humans go back a long way. Our ancient ancestors first met over 14,000 years ago, and since then, we’ve enjoyed a (mostly) happy coexistence. In fact, our history is so tightly linked, it can feel as though our dogs truly understand us, and we understand them.

However, some dogs display truly strange quirks, such as being frightened by harmless objects, sounds, people, or places. Dog fears can range from merely being startled by a foreign object to having a full blown panic attack at the first sound of thunder. Keep reading to learn more about dog fears and what you can do to help manage them.


Invisible Disabilities: Battling the Service Dog Stigma

Service dog stigma can affect actual service dogs.If you’ve ever seen a service dog helping a visually impaired person or someone in a wheelchair, you probably marveled at the interaction between dog and owner. The dog’s loyalty is heartwarming, and it’s inspiring to see how their services can help people lead more independent lives.

Did you know service dogs can also help people with disabilities that aren’t immediately obvious (also called invisible disabilities), such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Unfortunately, reactions can be quite different when people see someone with a service dog who doesn’t appear to have a disability. This type of service dog stigma can lead to discrimination against handlers who struggle with an invisible disability. Continue…

The Dangers of Pet Foreign Bodies

Pet foreign bodies can be a pet emergencyAnimals, especially puppies and kittens, are known for putting things in their mouths to investigate or potentially eat. Many times, the lapse in judgement ends uneventfully, but many objects can be potentially toxic or result in an obstruction if swallowed.

Pet foreign bodies are not an uncommon occurrence, and the veterinarians at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates want to make sure that our pet owners are aware, so that they can help decrease the chances of their pets being affected.

When Good Toys Go Bad

When non-digestible items, otherwise known as foreign bodies, enter the digestive tract, they can become stuck somewhere along the path out. A foreign body that is stuck in the gastrointestinal tract may cause problems in several ways: Continue…