Form vs. Function: What to Consider About Pet Costumes

pet costumesFor most of us to be comfortable, we have to be able to see, breathe, hear, talk, move around, and go to the bathroom without a hitch, right? We hope the same goes for festive Halloween pet costumes, but sometimes, form and function comes at the cost of an animal’s safety and wellbeing. It’s definitely fun to get all dolled up (if only for a split-second photo opportunity), but dressing up a pet unaccustomed to clothing, crowds, and the unpredictable nature of the spookiest holiday of year can also be dangerous.

Parts and Pieces

When it comes to pet costumes, you might have one thing in your corner: pet clothing. To be sure, gear and threads have become wildly popular, especially for the smaller pet set. Trying to get your pet used to the idea of wearing a costume without ever having worn clothing before is a steep challenge. However, it’s not impossible.


Cat Aversion? Never, for Self-Professed Cat People

catPop culture is infamous for negatively portraying cats. Consider the Cheshire Cat, Azrael from the Smurf’s, Tom (without Jerry, of course),  M.A.D. Cat (aka Furball from Inspector Gadget), Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers, and the Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp. While fictional, they contrast sharply with the canines featured in the Lassie and Benji franchises, the Wizard of Oz, Disney’s Air Buddies, Bolt, and many, many more.

While both cats and dogs make terrific pets (and there are definitely owners of both species), cat people take a lot of heat for their companions of choice. This could have to do with various perceptions belonging to non-cat people, but it doesn’t fully explain the strange disparity between cat people and other species-specific pet owners.


Being Kind for a Better Life

This world isn’t always a happy place, and sometimes it takes a real effort to see the good in the world. Making change always starts at the beginning, though, and sometimes making an effort on an individual basis can set the wheels into motion for something bigger than we can even imagine.

Besides a global benefit to putting a little love into the world, we are starting to learn that being kind may even be beneficial for our health on an individual level. If we can stay healthier longer, there can be dramatic impacts on our personal life and even in the care of our pets. What’s not to like?